The Best Selling Electronic Cigarette On The Market!

30 June 2015

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Switching to Electric Cigarette! My Story: My name is Nathan Dirk and I smoked for 26 years and thought that I would never be able to kick this nasty habit of smoking, no matter how hard and how many times I tried. I tried everything from willpower to several other alternatives to quit smoking but nothing really worked for me. I tried my luck with nicotine gums, but as I don’t really like chewing gum, so that didn’t work either. After that I tried nicotine patches but that only worked for 7-8 months and then again during holidays I couldn’t resist myself and started smoking. I know that’s an excuse, but believe me it’s never easy to stop smoking, have a break and then completely forget about it. It will always come back and strike you, no matter how hard you try to quit smoking.

What finally worked for me?: I was hopeless and I was forced to believe that this deadly habit will slowly kill me and I will never ever be able to quit smoking. But then, one day I received a guest post article submission request for one of my websites, from one of my reader and it was luckily based on electric cigarette reviews. I was curious and got excited to learn more about electronic cigarette and then after a few weeks later I purchased my first e-cig start up kit. I gave it a try because they were not made with those harmful chemicals and tobacco and I thought it will lessen health risks that are associated with tobacco cigarettes.

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As smoking is prohibited in public areas, so I was thinking that with ecigs I’ll be able to smoke in public where tobacco cigarettes are banned. Other advantage of smoking it in public is that you don’t have to worry about the smell that sticks to your hair and clothes. In that case it was a real life saving decision for me and it worked quite well too. After a few weeks of using it, I again tried a tobacco cigarette and believe me, I was disgusted with the taste and feeling of it. It happened naturally because of e-cig I was using. On the other hand, saving money with it is also a major factor, because they are cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes. After few months of use, I totally quit smoking and the feeling of no more tobacco addiction is just amazing. Big thanks to the creator of e-cigarette for that, seriously!

So Which Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand On The Market?

How do I select and buy the best e-cigarette brand? What are those guidelines and criteria that determine the best product available in terms of price range and quality? Well, there are many factors to consider, and given below are some of them…

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Cost, Obviously!: The comparison between traditional tobacco cigarette and e-cigarette in terms of price range is the biggest reason, why millions of smokers switching to it. On the other hand when you are purchasing your e-cigs from online merchants, make sure you stick to reputed companies rather than looking for cheaper alternatives.

Bad Breath & Teeth Staining: Switching to e-cigarettes will help you to avoid yellow teeth staining and bad breath problems. Make sure that the particular e-cig company’s product you are buying claims these factors for sure.

Aluminum Shell, Battery Life & Cartridges Used: Low cost e-cig companies will always compromise with the quality of aluminum shell, ash light and cartridges used in the electronic cigarette, so in that case make sure you don’t compromise with the quality of your product.

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As a first time buyer it becomes a bit confusing to make your mind on which particular company you should buy your e-cigs from, isn’t it? There are hundreds of different brands out there on the market which is a lot more than what is really required, because all of them seems to produce same product and features. It is a big nightmare to test all the available brands and in that case; this is where my website comes in as a guide for you.

I purchased over 30 kits from different companies and manufactures, so with my personal experiences, I will help you to decide on the best available electronic cigarette on the market. On this website you will get excellent resources and information tips on how to choose and buy top selling e-cigs that fits your requirements and budget.

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If I were you and I had to choose only the best e-cig, without a doubt I would go with the Green Smoke. Even though it is a very difficult decision because there are so many e-cigarette products available on the market, but I definitely believe that the Green Smoke is the best one in terms of value for money, and perfect for every smoker who is switching to e-cigarettes.